Changes with Google Local Listings

Changes with Google Local Listings

In response to the current concerns about Google Local Listing results, in regards to placement, photos, and why some clients show up for searches and other clients don’t, we are providing important information that should shed light on what is in the news and what you need to know.
As of this month, Google is now beginning to aggregate all information that they find on the Internet from what they consider to be trusted sources. This data could be taken from the client’s website, blog, a local site such as, or a medical site, such as – nearly anywhere the client’s information is listed on or linked to.
So how are Google Local Listings formulated?

Google is now using the information that they gather from these sites to list what they feel is the most relevant, and placing the information in local listings. The listing may include mention of the client’s office hours, education, procedures, location, reviews, photos, and possibly even videos. (You can tell when information is being gathered from a site other than the client’s main website because the site name will have a link next to the information. When the listing is directly “from the owner,” the information will link directly to the verified listing account.)

The more websites or reviews associated with a site, the more likely it is that it will turn up in the Google Local Listing results. Although Google takes zip codes and distances into consideration when choosing which listings to display, a client may show up in the listing even if he or she is not based in that city nor specializes in the specific procedure searched on. This is because Google is often overwriting or amending what the specific listing has on it in favor of what Google considers more relevant information.
Ultimately, Google has the final say regarding local listings. Their goal is to provide the user with the best search experience possible. Below is an article that provides further information regarding this topic:

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