Introducing and the End of the Nevermore Search Marketing Brand

March 3rd, 2012 by

It’s been about two years since I launched my internet marketing services under the name Nevermore Search Marketing and in that time I’ve had some amazing opportunities. ¬†However as my efforts to market myself have gotten more aggressive I have found it hard for people to connect me with my brand and have run into issues with people thinking my brand is bigger than me. ¬†With that in mind I am officially putting myself back at the forefront of what I do, who I am and the services I provide.

The Nevermore Search Marketing website and Facebook Page have been taken down and all future interactions about me, my consulting services, and my internet marketing career will take place here at

I will continue to offer internet marketing consulting to those who are interested in my services, but the emphasis of the website will be on my blogging efforts and spreading advice and information about internet marketing and act as a central hub for information about me, my career, and my efforts around the web.

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