New and Improved Fast Acting Google!

New and Improved Fast Acting Google!

My blog posts are pretty quickly indexed, usually I’ll see posts indexed within a day or so of being posted, but rarely do they tackle any kind of placement early on without any kind of link love.  Tonight Google turned that around by indexing my Twilight Soundtrack Review in just over an hour.  Not only that, but the post was indexed within the top 10 in the Twilight Soundtrack Review SERP holding the #8 position.

I’ll be totally honest here, I’m impressed.  This goes to show how quickly Google will and can pick up a new page or site.  What’s even more impressive is that my blog currently doesn’t have any kind of optimization plugins working for it right now so my metas are generated by default by WordPress, as you can see in the image of the SERP above.  You’ll also noticed next to the URL in the SERP that it labels the blog post as going up just “1 hour ago”, instead of just displaying the page’s file size.

UPDATE:  Literally 2 minutes after this was posted the page jumped to #7.

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