New Changes to the Facebook Pages Interface

New Changes to the Facebook Pages Interface

Back in early February Facebook announced a major Facebook Pages update, the changes were pretty significant and took some time for businesses to adapt to.  Today, it appears that Facebook is at it again.   This time making minor adjustments to how you navigate pages and get data about the pages you admin.

The Divorce of Pages and Ads

Prior to today’s update Pages and Ads were always tied together when navigating Facebook, however it now appears that these will finally be separate entities.  The image below shows the icon as it appeared prior to today and how it appears in the new navigation.

Instant Page Stats

Another big change appears the second you view Pages from the new navigation.  You can now view Likes, Weekly Actives, and Notifications all from the main pages screen.  This is great for Page admins who want to keep tabs on engagement without having to dive too deep into the data.  Below is a screenshot of the new admin section.

On Page Notifications

Finally a new Notifications drop down appeared in the upper right admin section today.  Mari Smith tipped me off to this particular change earlier this morning.

While these changes are small in comparison to the kinds of changes we saw in early February, this shows Facebook’s continued dedication to helping their products and services evolve.  Overall I welcome the change and think it helps to improve overall navigation and visibility of some of the more common features Page admins are using.

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