Reach Search Geek Nirvana at the SEO Dojo

February 24th, 2009 by

As I mentioned a while back, if you hang with Gypsies, something is bound to happen; and sure enough David Harry AKA “TheGypsy” is at it again. Just the other day David finally let the cat out of the bag on a little project he’s been working on called The HuoMah SEO Dojo.

What is The HuoMah SEO Dojo?

The Dojo is a new online community dedicated to those of us obsessed with all things search. I was fortunate enough to get in on this before David made it public and I can say that I am truly excited about this new community. I spent some time in the Dojo early on and have seen first hand just how powerful of a resource it is. The Dojo is perfect for SEO’s old and new, and will offer a wealth of information ranging from advice and tips, to patents and papers.

It will also serve as a forum for SEO’s to network with one another, share their knowledge and help build a quality network of search geeks. As David so elegantly puts it, “What makes the HuoMah Dojo so special is the people. From the founders right down to the most junior SOSG, the core principle is the exchange of knowledge…To that end, the Dojo is a community first that’s focus is on building strong SEOs. We’re not concerned with egos and games; just refining the obsession.”

How Can I Join In On The Fun?

If you’re interested in joining in on the fun you can visit the HuoMah SEO Dojo for more information and inquire about being a beta tester. You can also sign up to receive the Dojo SEO Geeks newsletter and follow the SEODojo on twitter. And if you fancy, you can even sport a nifty SEO Dojo exclusive badge like the one you’ll see to the right on my sidebar that identifies you as a Seriously Obsessed Search Geek.

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