Twitter Follwer and Following Outage Confirmed Resolve Due Monday

Twitter Follwer and Following Outage Confirmed Resolve Due Monday

So this afternoon shortly before 2pm I noticed that my Twitterfox app went silent.  No new messages in, but it wasn’t showing up red like it would if twitter were down.  Curious as to why Twitter was so quiet I visited to login to my page to see if perhaps there was an issue with  I logged in fine, but what I found was a bit startling, the nearly 800 people I was following were gone.  Also the 600+ people who were following me were also gone.

After navigating Twitter’s troublesome support section I finally figured out how to “contact support”, which is basically nothing more than commenting on a thread regarding an issue they’ve had in the past.  At the time Twitter announced that it was a known issue.  I was hopefully that perhaps being a known issue it would be restored soon.  However, the updated posted about an hour later wasn’t very promising.

Turns out that Twitter users who are experiencing the zero followers and zero following problem our out of luck until Monday.  Twitter updated the issue at 3:00PM PST with the following, “We have a fix in for this but it won’t be released until Monday.  Please continue to leave comments below if you’re experiencing this.”  So needless to say I will be away from Twitter over the weekend unless this is resolved sooner.  For any other Twitter users who may be experiencing this you can visit the Twitter Follow Counts Are Zero and Cannot be Folow Or Be Followed known issue thread to leave comments about what you are experiencing.

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