Google Algorithm Update Hurt You? Let Google Know

March 3rd, 2011 by

For the last few weeks webmasters have been in a tizzy over the recent Google algorithm update that impacted just over 11% of Google’s queries.  In the aftermath many low-quality sites lost ranking in Google’s index, but in many instances legitimate websites with quality, original content were also impacted.  In an interview following the change, Google Fellow Amit Singhal told Wired Magazine that “no algorithm is 100 percent accurate.”  He went on to say that Google is already working to adjust the algorithm to help ensure that quality sites are not being penalized by their recent efforts.  However it would seem that Google has now gone a step further and is asking webmasters to let them know if they feel they have been impacted by the change so that their engineers can investigate further.

Yesterday, Michael Wyszomierski, AKA Wysz, a member of Google’s Product Quality team posted a new thread in the Webmaster Central help forum’s asking webmasters to let Google know if they feel they have been impacted.

“We recently made a change to our search ranking algorithms…According to our metrics, this update improves overall search quality. However, we are interested in hearing feedback from site owners and the community as we continue to refine our algorithms. If you know of a high quality site that has been negatively affected by this change, please bring it to our attention in this thread. Note that as this is an algorithmic change we are unable to make manual exceptions, but in cases of high quality content we can pass the examples along to the engineers who will look at them as they work on future iterations and improvements to the algorithm. So even if you don’t see us responding, know that we’re doing a lot of listening.”

The post has reached 128 replies at the time of this writing and is sure to grow as more webmasters become aware of the changes and discover this new thread.

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