Google Places Search Integration: What Does It Mean?

Google Places Search Integration: What Does It Mean?

By now you’ve probably seen and heard of the recent changes to Google’s search engine results pages. Late last month Google began integrating Google Places data into localized search results and combined both the organic search algorithm and the Google Places algorithm to generate more useful localized listings. Many felt that this was the “death of SEO”, but our findings show the complete opposite. In fact to be successful we have found you need a balance of both on page search engine optimization and Google Places optimization.

How does this impact my SEO efforts?

The impact of the Google Places integration will vary by search space. Search queries delivering fully integrated Google Places results will require both strong localized on page SEO efforts as well as strong Google Places optimization. Search queries without Google Places integration seem to still rely heavily on traditional SEO efforts, but these markets should really start considering Google Places optimization moving forward in case their search results change.

How do I ensure that my Google Places listing is optimized?

Plastic Surgery Studios SEO clients are already ahead of the game. Our internet marketers began implementing Google Places optimization techniques long before this update was released and in most cases came out ranking the same or higher after the change.

For the rest of you, it’s important to make sure that you have claimed your Google Places listing and filled it out as completely as possible with your business information. Additionally it is important to keep your business information consistent anywhere that you list yourself online. Consistent business name, address, and phone number will help ensure that Google can identify your business information and potentially recognize it as a citation for your business, which is the local equivalent to a backlink.

The integration of Google Places shows Google’s dedication to local business information and local search. Even if you aren’t currently being impacted by the change, its safe to say you will in the future and the sooner you prepare yourself, the better off you’ll be in the long run. At the end of the day good internet marketing done in an ethical will help your site weather any storm that may be dished out by Google.

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