I’m Officially a Power Searcher

I’m Officially a Power Searcher

I completed Google’s Power Searching with Google courses earlier this month and today, I finally received my final score and my certificate for completing the courses.

Mid-class assessment score:  90%
Post-class assessment score:  95%

The course kicked off on July 10 and ran through July 23 and featured six modules, two Google Hang Outs and two assessments.  During the course I learned a lot of cool stuff that I wasn’t even aware Google could do, and that’s after spending the last number of years trying to find a way to beat Google at its own algorithm.  From what I can tell, the Google Power Searching courses are still online for your viewing pleasure.  If you do a lot of searching for school, work, or just simply want to better understand what Google can do I would HIGHLY recommend these courses.  The only downside is you are too late to score a fancy certificate like the one I got today in my email.

Google Power Searcher Certificate awarded to Mike Wilton

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