Google Announces Google+ Local Verification Rollout

Google Announces Google+ Local Verification Rollout

Earlier today Googler Jade Wang announced on the Google and Your Business Group that Google has finally rolled out the verification process for local Google+ Pages.

By becoming a verified business owner of your Google+ Page, your business’ presence across Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ will be unified and you’ll be able to manage your information from the Google+ Page admin.  Verifying ownerships will combine the page you created in Google+ with the page in Google+ Local (formerly Google Places).

For now, only businesses in the “Local Business or Place” category can proceed with verification.  Rollout to other businesses will be available in the future.

To proceed with the verification you will need to click on “Verify Now” on the right side of the page.  Google will then send out a verification post card to your business to verify your information.  Once verified  your presence across Google+ and Google+ Local will be universal.


Google is doing a great job at answering questions from local businesses about the update and has a running FAQ that is being updated every couple of days.  If you have issues with your verification or have questions about particular challenges you are up against you can follow the Google and Your Business Group thread.  Additionally, if you need further instruction on how to verify your listing, local search expert Mike Blumenthal has put together a stellar step-by-step guide to the Google+ Business/Local verification process.

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