The Official Launch of the SEO Dojo

The Official Launch of the SEO Dojo

You might recall earlier this year when I mentioned the opportunity to reach search geek nirvana at the SEO Dojo.  At the time one of my fellow search geeks David Harry, AKA TheGypsy, had begun beta testing a little community called the SEO Dojo and what was once a small group of search geeks, has now blossomed into a full blown community of SEO’s.  As of today, it has shed it’s Beta skin and is now open to the public.

I was fortunate to get in on this project at the very beginning, and have seen the community develop into an amazing network of search marketers from all over the world, each with their own specialties, personalities, and wealth of knowledge.  While I have been a bit of a lurker in the Dojo, I will say that the community is very engaging and always willing to help out their fellow SEO’s and best of all the community thus far has been very respectful to one another. I’ve asked a few questions here and there, and even started  a new forum topic and everyone has been really helpful.

But the SEO Dojo is more than just a community, the SEO Dojo has become a vital tool in my SEO arsenal.  With weekly chats, a weekly newsletter, and regular search news updates the SEO Dojo has become a great way for me to keep up on my search geekiness when I just don’t have enough time to get through all of my regular search blogs.  Furthermore it has helped me to connect with other SEO’s who have more than once helped me to solve some of my SEO problems or simply give a second opinion on something I am considering or looking into in regards to my search marketing efforts.

The SEO Dojo DiscountI highly recommend you go check out the SEO Dojo today and see what it has to offer.  If you’re looking to train in SEO and access top minds and resources, then this is the place to be.  And while today is the official launch of the Dojo there are still plans to expand and add more features in the future, which will make this an even more valuable tool for an serious search geek.  If that weren’t enough the first 25 readers who sign up through Musings For A Darkened Room get a 25% off discount using the discount code MikeRocks!

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