Twitter or Google Fix Potential Exploit

April 19th, 2009 by

A few weeks back I did a post about a Twitter exploit that could hurt you.  Many argued the exploit was more on Google’s end than Twitter’s, but that it was a valid concern nonetheless.  Today when I returned from my weekend long camping trip I of course had a plethora of e-mails waiting for me, one of which was a twitter follow notification for  I was happy to see that in the e-mail the usename was not a link, which leads me to believe that Google or Twitter has done something about the potential exploit I previously mentioned.

Below is the e-mail as it appeared in my Gmail account.  You’ll notice that unlike previous e-mails the member name is not a link. Twitter follow notification.

This is what one of the e-mails looked like previously with the member name in the e-mail as a link.

I highly doubt that this is Google’s handy work since a test e-mail to myself with nothing but a .com address in it still appears as a link, so my assumption is that Twitter has gotten wise to the potential damage this could do and done something on their end to prevent the e-mails from displaying domain members names as URL’s.  Regardless, I tip my hat to whoever took it upon themselves to rectify this potential exploit.

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